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Name: Candidate  Added: 3/22/2014
Title:Recruitment Consultants Dubai  
URL: http://www.candidate.ae/Consultancy.aspx Hits: 307
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Description: Candidate is the executive search firm & Recruitment Consultants in Dubai, UAE offering Headhunting in Dubai. To get more information on Executive Search Dubai visit www.candidate.ae/Consultancy.aspx
Name: Emirati Jobs  Added: 10/9/2010
Title:National Recruitment Agency for Emiratis  
URL: http://www.emiratijobs.ae/news/news.aspx Hits: 650
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Description: An Exclusive Job Portal providing Job for UAE Nationals, UAE Nationals Jobs in UAE, National Recruitment Agency for Emiratis and Emiratisation at www.emiratijobs.ae. To get more information on UAE Nationals Recruitment, Emiratisation, Job for UAE Nationals. visit www.emiratijobs.ae/news/news.aspx
Name: Facts Computer Software House  Added: 5/15/2014
Title:ERP Software Solutions in Dubai  
URL: http://www.facts.ae/erp-business-suite.html Hits: 316
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Description: FACTS is a leading IT and ERP software solutions company in Dubai, UAE. To get more information on ERP Software company in Dubai visit www.facts.ae/erp-business-suite.html
Name: Human Relations Institute  Added: 5/27/2009
Title:HR Consultant Dubai  
URL: http://www.hridubai.com/en/index.htm Hits: 638
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Description: Human Relations Institute - Is a Psychological Consultant To get more information on Psychological Consultant Dubai, Forensic Consultan visit www.hridubai.com/en/index.htm
Name: People Metrics Pvt. Ltd  Added: 5/31/2012
Title:Employee Diversity  
URL: http://www.people-metrics.net/employee_engagement.html Hits: 459
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Description: People Metrics are experts in the design and development of strategic employee engagement.Employee engagement is the level of commitment and involvement an employee survey that identifies strong feelings of employee engagement. To get more information on Employee Engagement visit www.people-metrics.net/employee_engagement.html
Name: Purple HR Consulting Private Limited  Added: 9/26/2013
Title:Leadership Develpment-Compentency Assessments Pune, India  
URL: http://www.purplehrconsulting.com/uniqueofferings/BehaviouralLeadershipCompetencyFramework.htm Hits: 326
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Description: Purple HR has developed tools for creating Behavioural and Leadership Competency Framework. To get more information on HR solutions provider in Pune visit www.purplehrconsulting.com/uniqueofferings/BehaviouralLeadershipCompetencyFramework.htm
Name: WPB Recruitment  Added: 10/20/2015
Title:Finance Recruitment Abu Dhabi  
URL: http://www.wpbint.com/job-categories/finance/ Hits: 170
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Description: WPB Recruitment provides Finance Recruitment jobs in leading companies, organizations in Abu Dhabi. To get more information on Finance Recruitment Dubai UAE visit www.wpbint.com/job-categories/finance/